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19 education administers successfully complete curriculum development training

   Posted on 20.12.2021 by SEA-VET Admin SEAVET ADMIN, SEAMEO VOCTECH


SEAMEO VOCTECH (01 December 2021) - A  virtual  Customised  Training  Programme  on  ‘Curriculum  Development  to  Match  Industry  Needs  and  Workplace  Requirements’  organised  by  the  Lifelong  Learning  Centre,  Ministry  of  Education, Brunei Darussalam and conducted by SEAMEO VOCTECH (SV) Regional Centre for 19 participants  from various  departments in  the  Ministry of Education,  namely  Learning Centre(L3C),  Department  of  Higher  Education  (HED),  Secretariat  of  Brunei  Darussalam  National  Accreditation  Council  (BDNAC),  Department  of  Curriculum  Development  (CDD)  and  Brunei  Darussalam Leadership & Teacher Academy (BDLTA), concluded with a virtual Closing Ceremony on 01 December 2021.  

The 6-day virtual training programme has equipped the participants with the critical knowledge and essential skills of competency-based curriculum development, which will serve to enhance the participants’  understanding, competence  and  productivity  in developing industry-aligned training provisions for diverse target groups served by their respective institutions or departments.

Centre  Director  of  SEAMEO  VOCTECH,  Mr Alias  Haji  Abu  Bakar,  in  his  speech  at  the  closing ceremony,  hoped that this training has managed to give the participants a good understanding and grounding on the various stages a curriculum developer needs to plan for and engage in; the  different  models  of  curriculum  development  that  can  be  employed  to  factor  in  labour market information and occupational standards and competences;  and  the way a comprehensive  Competency-based Education and Training (CBET) programme can be structured  and  developed.  He  commended  the  participants  on  their  active  engagement,  throughout the training duration,  in generating and discussing ideas, and sharing professional perspectives from their various departments, thus enriching the training experience for all. 

In the wrap-up speech by the participants’ representative, Mr Chong Yun Onn, Head of Specialist Unit, Brunei Darussalam Leadership and Teacher Academy, shared that  they had  also  gained unexpected knowledge and skills during the training programme with a lot of breakthroughs and  A-Ha  moments,  which   have   inspired  the  participants  to  do  better  and  learn  more. Moreover, he shared that it was an eye-opening workshop and the use of DACUM analysis and the  ADDIE  model  had  truly  challenged  their  thinking  on  how  to  integrate  and  apply  the competencies they had identified  into their current or upcoming programmes, something that would  not  be easy  but  would  be  very worthwhile  to  do for  the betterment  of  teachers  and students and the overall quality of our education system. He then thanked SEAMEO VOCTECH and Lifelong Learning Centre for organising such relevant and meaningful training programmes. Also present during the closing ceremony were  Mr Walter Chong Meng Siong and Mr Sumardi Haji Abdul Hamid, Assistant  Directors of Lifelong Learning Centre, Mr Pengiran Haji Mohd Sufri Pengiran  Ali.

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