The technical assistance grant complements ADB's ongoing support for the nation’s education sector

   Posted on 13.12.2019 by SEA-VET Content, ADB


 Skills Development for Inclusive Growth in Myanmar, by ADB Flickr

 To improve the quality and relevance of secondary education and TVET programs in Myanmar, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the European Union are preparing a $26 million technical assistance grant to provide support.

The technical assistance grant is an additional support to Myanmar by the ADB and complements their ongoing support for the nation’s education sector.

This project helps to improve the country’s secondary education curriculum and teaching quality in order to equip graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills demanded by the emerging job market.

To ensure that Myanmar’s economy growth remains sustainable and inclusive, there is a need for the government to improve the educational quality within the nation. The government has been making such improvements and this project will further support their approach.

ADB’s education specialist, Ms. Yumiko Yamakama has expressed the commitment in their support to develop and ensure that Myansmar’s youth gain valuable skills, to produce a highly skilled and educated labour force, which is key for the country’s future growth and development.

The implementation period of the technical assistance grant, is to be expected from January 2020 to December 2024.

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