7th RECOTVET Regional Policy Dialogue on TVET

Business and Industry Cooperation in TVET - Towards a Better Practice for ASEAN

21. Jun 2018 - 22. Jun 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia

ASEAN Secretariat and GIZ - RECOTVET Project commissioned by BMZ

Event type:
Indonesia 2018 TVET Private Sector Conference GIZ RECOTVET

About the Event


ASEAN is one of the largest economic zones in the world with rapid and relatively stable growth since the year 2000. To maintain this current trajectory, the region must develop its human capital and skilled workforce. The lack of technically skilled workers is a crucial bottleneck for sustained growth of the dynamic economies of the region – in particular with a view to dynamic advances in manufacturing technology.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is today recognised as an important element in strategies to improve the productivity and competitiveness of ASEAN member states and the region as a whole. As a means to integrate young people into the labour market, TVET is also seen as a key to the reduction of unskilled labour and youth unemployment. Correspondingly, TVET ranks high on the political agenda of most ASEAN member states. In practice, however, the school-based TVET systems of ASEAN member states rarely live up to expectations. Enrolment rates are low and TVET graduates fail to meet the demands of business and industry with respect to technical knowledge and practical competencies.

The problem is widely recognised and frequently debated by academics and practitioners alike. Taking account of lessons from leading TVET systems one factor is critical for successful change: The cooperation of employers and the public TVET system, the involvement of business and industry in TVET.

ASEAN member states engage increasingly in mutual learning and cooperation on TVET reform. Since 2014 Regional Policy Dialogues supported by RECOTVET have become an important forum for exchange on pressing topics of TVET reform for decision-makers from the ASEAN region. Representatives of business and industry have taken an increasingly active interest and role in these events.

Over the next two years, the Regional Policy Dialogues will focus in particular on Business and Industry cooperation in TVET.


As reported to the 12th ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Education (SOM-ED) in December 2017, the 7th Regional Policy Dialogue is the starting point for a public-private dialogue on TVET at the regional level in ASEAN. Hosted and coordinated by the ASEAN Secretariat and with the support of RECOTVET, ASEAN takes a leading role in identifying, developing and implementing better cooperation practices in South East Asia.

In particular, the Regional Policy Dialogue is going to:

  • Bring together policy makers from public institutions and representatives of business and industry in equal numbers and on an equal footing in a dialogue on TVET.
  • Launch of a new ASEAN working group on business and industry in TVET
  • Provide participants with state of the art research and practical examples from the ASEAN region and beyond regarding effective strategies to advance and institutionalise business and industry cooperation in TVET and strengthen their voice in reforms.
  • Identify and document challenges, lessons learned and recommendations for upscaling or transferring successful practices in the region.


The insights and findings of the Regional Policy Dialogue form the starting point for the work of the ASEAN working group on business and industry cooperation in TVET, a group comprised of leading representatives of business and industry. The mandate of the working group is to develop an action plan –a Future ASEAN Agenda for TVET – how to enhance the voice and contributions of business and industry to TVET. The working group will convene for a first meeting following the Regional Policy Dialogue in the afternoon of 22 June. It will continue its work over the course of five workshops between June 2018 and March 2019. The results of the working group will be presented and discussed at a second Regional Policy Dialogue scheduled to take place at the ASEAN Secretariat in June 2019. They will be brought to the attention of the relevant sectoral bodies of ASEAN and can inform the future strategic orientation of ASEAN on TVET.

Thematic Focus

The Regional Policy Dialogue takes a closer look at initiatives and projects that already exist in selected areas of TVET planning and delivery and identifies what is already working well and why, and where further dialogue and action is needed to develop a culture of cooperation between public TVET systems and business and industry – at the regional and at the national level.

The Regional Policy Dialogue will take a closer look at two areas:

  1. Institutionalizing business and industry cooperation in TVET reform: Based on academic research and practical examples, the participants will analyse the framework conditions for effective cooperation at the macro level: the structure of national TVET systems; incentives and motivation for cooperation; as well as the design of cooperation formats such as public private partnership councils.
  1. ASEAN approaches to strengthening school-industry relations and skills training: With a focus on the micro level of TVET, participants explore practical measures to strengthen school-industry relations and skills training. This includes topics such as enhanced student internships, dual cooperative training approaches and apprenticeship programs as well as inter-company training centres.


To achieve a lively and open discourse of this high-ranking event the Regional Policy Dialogue features a variety of interesting inputs and inspiring formats as well as room for dialogue, discussion and peer-learning. The latter will mostly take place in break-out sessions where smaller groups can engage in expert discussions.


The number of participants in the Regional Policy Dialogue is limited to 60 with an equal participation of the public and the private sector. The group of business and industry representatives will be composed of the circa 20 members of the ASEAN working group "Business and industry cooperation in TVET". Participants from the public sector include senior education and labour officials from the relevant ministries of ASEAN member states as well as regional stakeholders from the ASEAN Secretariat, SEAMEO, German development cooperation and other development partners.

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