Enhancing Professional Skills & Digital Competencies for TVET Personnel

Virtual Kick-off Workshop

8. Jul 2021 - 8. Jul 2021

Virtual, Global


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Digital technologies promise companies in ASEAN member states gains in productivity and competitiveness and have emerged – not least during the COVID-19 crisis – as a key to continued growth and prosperity in ASEAN member states.

The increasing reliance on digital technologies transforms business models and work processes and has the potential to disrupt entire industries. For companies to benefit from digital transformation and for the current and future workforce to cope with transformations and succeed in a changing world of work, adequate skills and competencies are required. For TVET systems in the ASEAN region, the challenge is to react and incorporate necessary technological competencies and innovative methods of teaching and learning.

The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that while the learning experience in the classroom or the company remains indispensable, dynamic and resilient efforts to upgrade TVET teaching and provide reskilling and upskilling in line with labour market demand can also make full use of the potential of remote learning.

In 2019, RECOTVET and the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Vocational and Technical Education and Training (SEAMEO VOCTECH) have launched five in-service training modules that offer ASEAN TVET teachers and managers of TVET institutions an upgrade on TVET Fit for Industry 4.0 (Modules 1-3), Quality Assurance and Quality Development in TVET Institutions (Module 4) and Industry and TVET Institution Linkages (Module 5). The training modules provide concise and practical guidance on how TVET teachers in AMS can respond to the changing world of work.

Since 2019, more than 150 participants have been trained at the reigonal level and encouraged to act as multipliers to replicate the training content in their national systems and institutions.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the in-service training modules have been restructured and offered as online courses. Each module has been converted into a 40-hour virtual training course, which has been provided over 5 days.

The experience of online learning as a means of crisis management and the feedback from participants have encouraged SEAMEO VOCTECH and RECOTVET to further maximize the potentials of eLearning and blended learning for the provision of in-service training of TVET teachers in the “new normal” and ASEAN after COVID-19.


With a view to the wide variety of initiatives for the promotion of new online content for TVET developed by governments, international organisations and private training providers in the wake of COVID-19, RECOTVET sees the need to discuss the state of in-service training for TVET teachers and training needs and requirements with key stakeholders: experts from universities and training institutions involved in the training of TVET teachers and TVET managers from ASEAN member states.

The objective is to make sure existing learning offers are revised and developed further in line with actual requirements of TVET teachers and TVET institutions.

Moreover, the workshops will help SEAMEO VOCTECH and RECOTVET to identify further training needs which can be met by regional inservice trainings – while further exploring the potentials of eLearning and blended learning formats.

The workshop series will also open the floor for discussion on further learning offers oriented towards specific needs of women, the utilization of the platform at the national level and translation of the e-learning courses into the ASEAN languages. To mark the start of the workshop series, a virtual kick-off workshop is to be organized on 24th June 2021.


At the end of the workshop participants will:

  • have an overview of the workshop series, its objectives and the further development of the regional training programme and the SEA-VET.NET platform,
  • have defined their requirements and potential contribution in the development process of the regional training programme,
  • have suggested and discussed the priority topics for further provision of regional in-service training programmes such as digital competencies for TVET teachers and design of reskilling programmes,
  • have an overview of the timeline and next steps of regional training programme development.


  • Experts from national universities and training institutions involved in the in-service training of TVET Teachers and TVET managers from ASEAN member states, 
  • Able to contribute and share experiences on the content in one of the three training modules related to teaching innovations, online learning, digital content creation and/or digital competences for TVET teachers,
  • Background of TVET and experience in teaching and capacity development related to Industry 4.0 for TVET teachers and managers,
  • Successful participation in the workshop requires fluency in the English language.


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