The Missing Productive Vocational High School Teacher Competency Standard in the Indonesian Education System

02.09.2018 by SEA-VET Content

Estriyanto, Yuyun; Kersten, Steffen; Pardjono, Pardjono; Sofyan, Herminarto

Journal of Technical Education and Training

Year of Publication:

Country in Focus:


The enactment of the National Law on Teachers and Lecturers jumpstarted the teaching profession reform in the Indonesian education system. This article analyses the Indonesian policies on the vocational teacher preparation system as a component in the national teacher professionalism development programme. Pre-existing government regulations pertinent to the topic will be reviewed, and any problems which may emerge in the teacher professionalism development programme (caused by the missing standard) will be identified. This article concludes that the philosophies and theories of vocational education should be adopted in the development of vocational teaching profession, with competency standard acting as a point of reference.

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