Non-Formal TVET Concepts for Illeterate, Semi-literate and Dropout Youth

18.10.2018 by SEA-VET Content

Fischer, Heike

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Year of Publication:

Country in Focus:



This study discusses around the main question of how to facilitate the chances of study in existing formal TVET institutions for illiterate and semi-literate young people, who never attended or dropped out of school at young age. Beyond, the study looks into follow-up questions, relating to, for example, types of non-formal training that are accessible, methods to approach the target groups, necessary elements and skills to raise the study chance of those groups to reach a decent level of livelihood.

The study also examines the existing approaches in all countries to map out the whole picture of successful examples and then determines the appropriate methods to be adapted to the situation in Afghanistan. The stand-out approaches concern with the coherence among centre-based skills training merged with literacy and numeracy education and life skills.

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