Entrepreneurial Learning in TVET

Discussion paper

07.01.2020 by SEA-VET Content

Elin McCallum, Bantani Education


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Transformative entrepreneurial competence, such as self-efficacy, creativity and problem solving have emerged as top qualities needed for the world of work, where technological developments have changed the skills needed. These changes and developments have also made it much more difficult for education and training systems to keep up with the changes in skills needed for the world of work. 

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) play an important role in providing these in-demand skills to the modern workforce and the younger generation who seek to acquire new skills for a successful future. Although education and the world of work may operate on two separate spheres, TVET serves as a learning bridge between the two, which allows the development of transferable and entrepreneurial skills that the society and economy is demanding of its citizens. 

The following publication is a discussion paper published by UNESCO-UNEVOC, which aims to introduce entrepreneurial learning in TVET as a mainstream approach. The aim of mainstreaming entrepreneurial learning is to integrate it into the role, function and delivery of TVET systems. 

The paper includes a discussion into the different approaches to mainstreaming entrepreneurial learning and shows how it is being transformed into reality by TVET stakeholders. An illustration regarding the contribution of the key pillars that make up the entrepreneurial learning ecosystem is also included. 

This paper explores five elements of the entrepreneurial learning ecosystem:

  1. Developing policy for entrepreneurial learning
  2. Curricula and pedagogies
  3. Supporting teachers and trainers
  4. Learning modes other than formal curricula
  5. Career paths and start-ups

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To access the publication, click here or download it from the downloads menu.

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