Education, Skill Training, and Lifelong Learning in the Era of Technological Revolution

19.02.2020 by SEA-VET Content

Jinyoung Kim and Cyn-Young Park

Asian Development Bank

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Rapid changes in the new era of technology calls for the acquisition of proper skills and lifelong learning. As the world becomes inclined to technological changes in the workforce and workplace, readiness towards these transformation is a crucial factor that leads to its success.

The fast pace nature of such changes in technology can depreciate workers' skills in in tandem, and can accumulate to generating gaps in skills in the future. Therefore, there is need to rethink policies with regards to education and skill training for the workforce and to ensure that proper skill management is being effectively thought throughout policy making in such areas. Moreover, there is an importance to change lifelong education policies and to ensure that learning and acquiring skills are recognised in such policies. 

The following publication by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)'Education, Skill Training and Lifelong Learning in the Era of Technological Revolution', by Jinyoung Kim and Cyn-Young Park, have reviewed studies to offer policy suggestions in the field of education and lifelong learning. The studies focus on human capital and skill formation in the era of rapid aging and technological progress. As part of the ADB Economics Working Paper Series, this publication offers findings that can shed light on new directions for lifelong education policies. 

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