Exploring Blended Learning Approaches for VET


15.01.2021 by RECOTVET


Blend4VET, EU

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The purpose of this Toolkit is to provide a free educational resource for FE Colleges to explain how Blended learning can be delivered. This toolkit is designed for new and more experienced tutors/teachers who wish to introduce a blended programme to their college. The information gathered in this toolkit is based on the experience and research of the six European partners conducting the pilot the programme and was produced over a sixteen month period.

Section 1 of the toolkit will give an Informative overview explaining the objectives, outcomes and benefits of Blended learning.

Section 2 details the process of designing your blended course from the initial planning and developing to implementation and review.

Section 3 explains six examples of different Blended Models that a college can adopt.

Section 4 has links to tutorials on digital tools that were used during the pilot and suggestions on how they can be implemented.

Section 5 contains a link to the Case Studies each partner conducted as part of the project.

Section 6 details the evaluation and recommendations of the Blended Learning Approach.

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