Competencies Required by TVET Teachers in the Field of Multimedia Design

Combining Product-Oriented and Work-Process-Oriented Training | Issue 16: TVET Teacher Training for Future of Work and Learning

12.04.2021 by SEA-VET Admin SEAVET ADMIN

Xuan Tra Nguyen & Phuong Chi Diep (University of Technology and Education, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)


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TVET@Asia (31 January, 2021) - Multimedia design is a popular profession across the world and involves the integration of multiple forms of media-related activities in various design fields, such as graphic print design, web design, and digital film production. Different countries implement different training models for preparing learners for a career in multimedia design, such as product-oriented training in Vietnam and work-process-oriented training in Germany. This paper argues that, while both of these training models have their advantages and limitations, combining their features into a new multimedia design vocational training model could prepare workers to become more resilient in an increasingly competitive future work environment.

Using the method of theoretical analysis, which is a qualitative research approach, this paper outlines the essential competencies that TVET teaching staff need to be able to implement this new training model. In addition to the general competencies that all TVET teachers need, such as educating competence, communication and language competence, and the ability to engage in self-reflection and self-improvement, TVET teachers in the field of multimedia design must acquire specific knowledge and skills regarding to teaching competence, professional competencies and the competence of linking real work processes with professional learning processes. These competencies are an important prerequisite for implementing product-oriented and work-process-oriented training effectively. Based on an analysis of these specific competencies, the paper offers recommendations on measures for training multimedia design teachers to develop their product-oriented and work process-oriented teaching capacities.

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