US-ASEAN Head of States reaffirm ASEAN Declaration on HRD

   Posted on 19.11.2020 by RECOTVET


ASEAN (14 November, 2020) - In a joint statement at the 8th ASEAN-U.S. Summit, heads of state from ASEAN and the USA underscored their shared commitment to strengthening the ASEAN - U.S. Strategic Partnership through cooperation to advance human capital development in the region, with a special focus on TVET. In this regard, the meeting adopted the ASEAN-U.S. Joint Statement on Human Capital Development.

The key highlight of the joint statement is the U.S.-ASEAN commitment to the implementation of the ASEAN Declaration on Human Resources Development for the Changing World of Work and its roadmap, which was endorsed earlier this year at the 36th ASEAN Summit as a strategic education framework for the region until 2030 - Find all details about the declaration here.

Coordinating TVET cooperation between ASEAN and its global cooperation partners under the common roof of the ASEAN Declaration on Human Resource Development is a vital step towards a coordinated policy response to successfully address the skill challenges of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in all ASEAN member states.

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