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Vietnam and Lao PDR expand cooperation in vocational training, education and HRD

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VIETNAM & LAOS. Vietnam Plus (17 February 2022) - The Governments of Vietnam and Laos are expanding cooperation in education, human resources development and vocational training this year, reported Vientiane Times newspaper on February 17.

The Vietnamese Government has granted 1,100 scholarships to Lao officials and students and its Lao counterpart provided 60 to Vietnamese ones for short-term training and bachelor’s and master’s programmes at the country’s universities.

The Lao Ministry of Education and Sport said that the countries are to improve cooperation quality and efficiency in education and personnel development for the 2021-30.

This year, the sides will prioritise investment in devices for sport institutes and upgrade ethnic boarding schools in Sekong and Champasak in southern Laos.

The countries are working to improve the quality control system in education of the Lao ministry in the 2021-30 period and promote vocational training at all levels.

They will convene meetings to review the 10 years of the Vietnam-Laos educational cooperation, sign a protocol in the field and human resources development between the two Governments for 2022-27.

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, The Governments of Vietnam and Laos | Vietnam Plus

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