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Webinar series to tackle educatonal challenges from COVID-19

   Posted on 02.06.2020 by SEA-VET Content, SEAMEO Secretariat


SEAMEO Secretariat has launched a Webinar Series in response to COVID-19, to discuss the measures that can be taken to address the challenging educational landscape. 

With COVID-19 in place, school closures have begun to impact the educational system around the world. With learners forced to stay-at-home, questions arise regarding access to quality and effectiveness of non-traditional modes of learning, such as homeschool or distance education.

Key players and stakeholders of education have a number of challenges to address, such as, the readiness to transition to online learning, encouraging home-based learning amongst parents, and carrying out assessments has become an issue. 

Therefore, SEAMEO Secretariat has released a Webinar series for players and education stakeholders to engage in discussion, and to share initiatives and efforts to address the challenges in education within Southeast Asia. 

The following are the aims of the webinar series:

  • Share covid-19 responses of education policymakers, SEAMEO Centers, and international development organisations, and educational institutions in Southeast Asia;
  • Explore scalability of national response and existing solutions at the regional level that may help contribute to the post-COVID plans of actions and agenda;
  • Discuss the situation of learning and learners in a situation where there is total lockdown and how SEAMEO Centres are providing immediate and long-term programmes; and
  • Discuss recommendations on Post-COVID--19 rehabilitation initiatives.

Click here, to be directed to the webinar series! 

For more information on SEAMEO Secretariats Webinar Series, click here.

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